fix(build): ensure we use the same hosts then the build server

Change-Id: Idd24f2a37a10c11ac71735c63f49a74e9e974e44
parent ba9e12b8
......@@ -213,8 +213,12 @@ make_customize_airootfs() {
lynx -dump -nolist '' >> ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/root/install.txt
cp ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/etc/hosts ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/etc/hosts.bak
cat /etc/hosts >> ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/etc/hosts
setarch ${arch} ${MKARCHISO} ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -r '/root/' run
rm ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/root/
mv ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/etc/hosts.bak ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/etc/hosts
# Prepare kernel/initramfs ${install_dir}/boot/
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