Commit b85fb7a7 authored by steadfasterX's avatar steadfasterX

buildfix: minor cosmetic issue in copy template

Change-Id: I11a4af3e7fbebea79cf35c3dd7ad31935d2866b6
parent f0b78dc5
......@@ -664,7 +664,7 @@ pacman --noconfirm -Rns expac
# create a XDA copy template for the important FWUL package versions
echo -ne '[*]Versions of the main FWUL components:\n[INDENT]ADB and fastboot: '
pacman -Q android-tools | sed 's/ / -> [B]version: /g;s/$/[\/B]/g'
echo -e 'simple-adb GUI -> [B]version: update4[\/B]'
echo -e 'simple-adb GUI -> [B]version: update4[/B]'
CHLOG="heimdall-git xfwm4 lightdm xorg-server virtualbox-guest-utils firefox hexchat"
for i in $CHLOG;do
pacman -Q $i | sed 's/ / -> [B]version: /g;s/$/[\/B]/g'
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